Being a MOM means

I recently picked up a book titled 1001 Things it Means to Be a Mom (The Good, The Bad and the Smelly), by Harry H. Harrison Jr. (Yes, that is a man author.)

It got me thinking – what does it mean to me to be a MOM?

We could probably each come up with our own list of 1001 things. So, today I toss the question out to you, the 24/7 MOMS – What does it mean to YOU to be a MOM?

Leave a comment share with us what it means to you to be a mom.

This week some of the things I would place on my list would be:

Being a mom means I fulfill promises I make to my children

Being a mom means I tolerate having a puppy so my kids can have a pet

Being a mom means I get in my car and drive to pick up my boys at school when they ask for parent pick up (isn’t the bus more fun?)

Being a mom means I attend Family Fun Night with 800 other parents in a crammed gymnasium. Not sure why they call it family FUN night

Being a mom means I drop off, pick up, drop off, pick up, drop off, and pick up over and over again my teenage girls to keep up with their social life

Being a mom means I wear my teen daughters’ clothes and shoes because theirs are trendier than mine

Being a mom means I still worry when my college son doesn’t call me when he arrives back on campus after leaving home

Being a mom means I get to track down the rings my daughter left at a local restaurant

Being a mom means I remind my children to love others, and that life isn’t all about them

Being a mom means I get to wash 15 loads of laundry

Being a mom means I have the best job in the entire universe


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