Things I’ve learned from My Indiana Jones ( #1 Son)

My 19-year-old Indiana Jones has now been on his Rick Steve’s European adventure for two weeks. He has traveled through numerous countries, visited museums, slept in various hostels, riden trains and planes, and even tried out camping in the Netherlands. He is living a new adventure each day.

So, are you wondering how the freaked-out, neurotic mom is surviving? She is still breathing, but has become addicted to checking her in-box as this is the communication vehicle Indiana Jones (#1 Son) uses for his almost daily check ins with the freaked-out mother. I said almost because over the past weekend Indiana did not email me for at least 48 hours, which to this freaked-out mother felt more like 336 hours.

This past weekend Steve (hubby) and I took the remaining 4 kids on our last summer camping trip to Sun Banks Resort in Eastern Washington. While there, my in-box remained empty of any emails from #1 Son. So, as the hours went by we decided it was time to see if he had been in communication with Olivia (his girlfriend). You guessed it – of course she had heard from him and knew he was alive and living each moment to the fullest. WHEW – the freaked-out mom could sleep once again.

The Novotnys each miss their Indiana Jones. Last night Caleb set the table for our family dinner and included a place for his big brother just in case he arrived home for dinner. How sweet it is to see your children miss their big brother.

Over the past 14 days while Indiana (#1 Son) has been on his Rick Steve’s adventure I, the mom, have begun a list in which I daily add a lesson or reminder I have learned during my mom journey.

Day 1 – Let go and let God be in control. (Do I have a choice here?)

Day 2 – Give them the self-confidence that comes by allowing our children to accomplish their own dreams (even if it means 1,000’s of miles away form us).

Day 3 – Be a supportive mom (parent), allowing them to spread their wings and fly across the world without us.

Day 4- Show trust in the young man we have raised from birth, that he is capable of making decisions without us.

Day 5 – Allow my #1 Son the freedom to discover the world. This lesson has never been harder, yet more exciting, than now for me as a mom. (It was easier to allow him to discover the world in his own backyard.)

Day 6 – Observe him now living out the many values we instilled in him.

Day 7 – Believe in him, that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

Day 8 – Encourage him to take risks, because risk-takers make a difference in our world.

Day 9 – Know when to offer help and when to allow him to do it himself. (“Mom, can you change my flight home? I need to get back a couple days earlier for college.” “Absolutely – I will try.”)

Day 10 – Dream big, allowing their imagination to run wild. (His trip to Europe would never have happened with out a big dream).

Day 11 – Share life with them and be thankful for technology and the ability to share our day to day happenings through emails.

Day 12 – Pray daily for our children and wear out the carpet from kneeling.

Day 13 – Create memories for a lifetime by supporting their endeavors. (Sometimes this means financially).

Day 14 – Encourage them to find their passion in life and live it to the fullest.

I hope my 14 day list inspires and reminds you of the importance of the job we have as moms. Keep up the great work! You are an AMAZING mom!
Be sure to check back for more of my Mom lessons and reminders as I continue the daily journey of being the mother of the 2008 Indiana Jones (#1 Son) who is living out his dream of the Rick Steve’s life of traveling.

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