My Mom Favorites This Week

Are you Ready for THREE of my favorites this week?

My Favorite Cleaning product of the week:

Spot Shot– Being the Mom to 5 kids and now our newly adopted baby Sophie (puppy), I was in need of a NEW carpet stain and odor eliminator so when MOM Central and Spot Shot gave me the opportunity to try out their NEW Non-Toxic Spot Shot I was eager to give it a try…and the results are AMAZING, whihc is why Spot Shot will be a repeat purchase for the Novotny house….It is already on my Target list to now purchase and try out the Spot Shot Pet formula as well.

The New Spot Shot Non-Toxic and biodegradable carpet and stain eliminator is safe for both my kids and puppy, it has already been a success eliminating new and old stains from my carpet and is even environmentally friendly.

So, if you have been wondering if Spot Shot is worth a try. I give it the Novotny Family approval stamp.

My Favorite Simple meal of the week:
Once again I found a simple, yummy meal at Costco that my family LOVES – Birdseye Garlic Chicken it is found in the frozen food section and comes in a BIG bag.

It does not get any easier then this. Simply buy the bag, bring it home, get out your skillet and pour the desired amount for your family meal into the skillet add the directed amount of water and cook for 10 to 18 minutes (depending on the amount you are cooking). That is it grab some plates and you have an all in one meal. My kids love it and I love the simplicity of cooking it on those busy crazy nights. I served it along with some fresh fruit.

My Favorite Secrets of the week:

Ok, now it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you right so instead Ill give you a few hints –
Hint #1 My Favorite yummy treats from My Favorite Candy Company

Hint #2 My Favorite Prizes you will love

Hint #3 My Favorite MOM Fun

Hint #4 My Favorite color in something for you

Hint #5 My Favorite Mom friends you will meet

Hint #7 My Favorite Mom Resources

Hint #8 My Favorite Sweet and Salty treat

Did my 8 Hints help you guess?
If not hurry and check out , there is still TIME to get in on the Secrets and save $20.00 on your registration don’t miss out on the MOM event of the year.

Do you have a MOM favorite this week? Comment and share it with the 24/7 MOMS

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