Mom Favorites of the Week

Here are THREE of my Favorites this week:

My Favorite Candy of the week is:

SEES Candy Ah, yes the milk chocolate covered caramel (Milk Butter chew) is the perfect piece of candy. The BEST news I got today was that the 24/7 MOMS Conference will have SEES candy at the “Oh, how sweet it is candy buffet” that is if Trisha doesn’t get to it first .

My amazing husband knows that SEES candy is a favorite of mine so he keeps a file in his office with a SEES candy menu (you can pick these up at sees) of exactly which ones I love and a menu for each of our daughters so that he can also buy them their favorite sees candies on special occasions.

Do you have a Favorite SEES candy?

My Favorite Restaurant of the week:

Pizzeria Fondi recently opened in our little city of Gig Harbor and the place is buzzing. I now crave their Flat bread and tasty salads. Their flat Bread is pizza crust covered in olive oil and seasonings to give it a delicious flavor.

Pizzeria Fondi is a casual restaurant great for both the family and a date night with hubby.

Fondis’ is owned my Restaurants Unlimited who alos have additional favorite restaurants of mine up in the Seattle area. They have restaurants across the country so check out their web site at each of their restaurants is incredible.

Be sure to check out the rewards program online at to earn dinning dollars.

Where do you like to go on a date night with hubby?

My Favorite Kid Breakfast of the week is :

Quaker Dinosaur Eggs oatmeal is the perfect fast and easy breakfast for my kids. Nate is a bit addicted to it, so it often is not only breakfast but an after school snack as well.

My kids love the prehistoric adventure that begins just as soon as they empty their packet of brown sugar-flavored instant oatmeal into their bowls, add boiling water and begin to stir! Within seconds, dinosaur eggs “hatch” into brightly colored baby stegosaurs and triceratops.

Treat your kids to the perfct fast and easy breakfast and you wil be a happy MOM.

For a $1.00 off ocupon go to

Do you have a favorite kid breakfast?

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