Trisha’s Friday Favorites

Another week of Favorites that my family and I enjoy:

My Favorite Seasoning
While on vacation this summer I discovered a new seasoning that I have been using on a weekly basis. It’s called California style garlic salt with parsley by McCormick. Two of our favorite ways to use this new seasoning aremaking garlic bread and in our sautéed veggies and pasta side dish.

My Favorite Gum

I discovered a new chewing gum by Wrigley’s: EXTRA Fruit Sensations. It comes in 4 flavors: Island Cooler, Sweet Watermelon, Berry Paradise and my favorite flavor Strawberry Banana. I often have a hard time finding my favorite flavor at my local grocery or Target stores. The flavors are yummy and long lasting. The only problem is my 5 kiddos now know Mom has this amazing gum in her purse, so it doesn’t take long for my yummy package of gum to become empty.

My Favorite Snack

My husband brought these yummy new treats home with him the other day: Planters Kettle Roasted Peanuts. They are extra crunchy, and one handful is just not enough. They come in a variety of flavors: Classic Salt (my favorite), Honey BBQ and Ranch Kettle.

The packaging is also great – it is a re-closeable zip pouch rather then a can or jar. It’s great for traveling and easily accessible. I am sure your kiddos will enjoy this new snack from Planters.

My Favorite Make-up
With two teen daughters who have become addicted to wearing make-up daily and sometimes re-applying it hourly, I have searched and searched for a brand that looks natural on them and not caked on. My latest make-up find is Bare Escentuals (,made from 100% pure bare minerals. My two girls are very thrilled with their new make-up, and I love their new look – more natural and healthier for their young skin. It is also available at Nordstrom and Sephora. You can also find it online at Sephora (, Nordstrom ( and Bare Escentuals ( I purchased my girls the getting started kit. Not only was it the best deal, but it also came with everything they needed to begin using their new make-up.

Do you have a FAVORITE this week? Leave a comment and share your favorite this week.

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