Trisha’s Friday Favorites

My Favorite Summer Snack
Help someone please take them away from me. I don’t know why it is that we get hooked on certain foods and can’t stop eating them. My latest hooked on can’t stop eating snack food is the New Pringles baked wheat Stix- crispy cracker sticks. They come in 4 flavors pizza, honey butter, vanilla and crunchy wheat. My Favorite flavor is pizza then again it is the only one I have tried . My next purchase will be the Honey butter, they sound sweet and yummy to me.

Now I have never been a much of a Pringles chip eater ( my kids are), but when I saw these I thought they might be worth a try – they are crispy cracker sticks made from baked wheat and each pack is only 90 calories

They are already on my grocery list so that I don’t run out of this new favorite snack.

My Favorite Summer cell accessory

Have you heard of the Newest and Latest craze? It’s the Blue Tooth keeper.

Many of us are now not only trying to keep track of our cell phones but also a Bluetooth.

The TOP 4 reasons YOU need a Blue tooth keeper as a MOM are:

1. Convenience. Your Bluetooth will be within easy reach when you need it. No more digging around in your pocket, purse or passenger seat.

2. Protect your investment. A wireless device can be costly. Here are some reasons you might find yourself in need of a replacement:
You’ve lost it.
You’ve sent it through the spin cycle.
Someone has stolen it.

3. Comfort. Walking around with a wireless device in your ear can be uncomfortable! Your ear gets all sweaty and that beeping sound that occurs when you’re in a “no service” area can drive you bananas!

4. Save your standby time. With the Bluetooth Keeper, your wireless device will need to be charged less often than if you wear it on your ear all day.

My Sister-in-law is one of the founders of this fast growing company and you can see their amazing assortment of styles and colors at

Order yours today you’re going to wish you had one!

My Favorite Summer place to shop

The CUBE have you been there? Have you taken your teen daughter there? ….WOW a couple of weeks ago I walked in to a Marshall’s store to do a little summer shopping and I discovered this brand new department they have created called The Cube.

The Cube is filled with trendy styles and name brands that your teen daughter will go crazy over and possibly you will to.

They even had accessories, hair products and so much more. My BIG deal of the day was purchasing my daughter Savannah a new curling iron for $16.99 in which I paid $50.00 for the exact same one, that I own and use. So, she needed her own and at $16.99 I could not pass up the deal.

The Cube will now be on our top list of places to shop

My Favorite Summer Music

My latest favorite musician is Sean McConnell and his song “Madly in Love with You” is oh so amazing.

Madly In Love With You – Sean McConnel

If you enjoy a folk rock style then I recommend you check out his my space and hear more of his music at

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