Thrifty Tuesday Finds

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Enjoy this week’s thrifty finds!

Stretching the Mighty Dollar:

As a little girl I used to love it when my mom took me to our local bakery outlet store, and I got to choose the bread and treats for my school lunches, as well as some yummy breakfast items. My mom loved the money she saved shopping at the bakery outlet.

There are now over 700 Interstate bakery stores nationwide for us moms to shop at. I found the perfect web site that has a store locator to assist you in finding your local bakery outlet store:

These bakery outlets carry a variety of brands, such as Hostess, Wonder, Dolly Madison, Good Hearth, and so much more.

Shopping bakery outlets allows you to purchase items at reduced prices in comparison to your local grocery store.

So, save money and shop your local bakery outlets.


FREEbie sample of Ultra Gain detergent at

FREEbie one-year subscription to Parents Magazine:

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Online Bargains:

Often what keeps me from purchasing items online is the cost of shipping. I am always trying to decide if driving to the mall is cheaper or more expensive than paying shipping for my online purchases.

Today I found a great web site that helps me find FREE shipping offers for my online purchases. Check it out at I can easily search for the online store I am wanting to purchase from and see if they have any FREE shipping offers/codes.

So, now I will search first for FREE shipping before I head to the mall and pay my $3.00 bridge toll and drive my 10.7 MPG Excursion.

Coupon Queen:
Betty Crocker has online coupons you can click and print at

You can find coupons on cookie mixes, Yoplait and Trix yogurt, Progresso soup, fruit roll-ups, Cheerios mix and several cereals.

You can sign-up to receive a free newsletter that will keep you in the know of the latest coupons, recipes and more .

Happy couponing!

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