Rick Steves or Indiana Jones

Today’s the day. My #1 Son, Stephen, will board a plane tonight at 10:15pm and fly across the world to Europe to begin his 29 day adventure of traveling throughout Europe alone. Yes, I said alone. My 19 year old #1 son has traveled twice before to Europe with Dad and decided he was ready to venture out on his own Indiana Jones adventure.

Yes, I am becoming a freaked out mother – possibly even neurotic at this point. I can’t think too much about my Rick Steves (#1 Son) walking the streets of Europe alone carrying his backpack on his back. Let alone the thought that in his backpack is a sleeping bag, tent, blow-up pillow, flash light and a few changes of clothes, as his idea of traveling throughout Europe is camping. Can one kid make a mom freak out any more than this?

So, my dear 24/7 MOMS friends, be prepared to read/hear my freaked out neurotic Mom moments over the next 29 days as I wait for his every other day check in phone calls. As I wear out the carpet from kneeling on my knees praying for his safety. As I try to occupy my life with my 4 other children to keep my mind from completely going crazy.

You might be asking, “Why would he choose to do this?” I can only come up with two answers. One, he obviously watched one too many Indiana Jones movies and has decided he is the Indiana of 2008. Two, because the Rick Steves travel bug got into my kid when he was 12 years old and took his first trip to Europe. The trip was meant to be a missions trip to expose him to experiences in other countries, not to give him the travel bug. I guess I have my gypsy mother to blame for this one. She, too, has the Rick Steves travel bug and would prefer to only be in America to check her mail and kiss her grandkids, then get back on a plane and continue to experience new destinations. Ahhh – it’s in the blood. Do you think #1 Son can get a few blood transfusions and clean out this travel bug in him?

Oh, did I mention the #1 Son will arrive home only 36 hours before he leaves for college, and no, he has not packed one thing for college. His focus is on Europe, not his future education. I guess that’s a 19 year old Indiana Jones for you.

So, I am facing a 29 day Freak-Out with #1 Son traveling through Europe, only to have him arrive home and face my next Freak-Out session, dropping him off at college. Ahhh – someone get the straight jacket, and I mean soon.

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