Indiana has landed

I went online and flight NW 106 has officially arrived in London, which means Indiana (Stephen, Jr.) has  now survived his first solo flight across the world without Mom and Dad. And, I survived my first night of sleep knowing my son was thousands of miles away from us. WHEW!

Now we await the first phone call from him to see how our own Rick Steves is surviving the streets of London. What did he eat? Did he find a place to sleep for tonight? Did his luggage (backpack) make it to London with him? Does he miss us yet? All of the important questions for which a mom needs answers.

Last night as we dropped him off at the airport it was a bittersweet moment for each of us as we said our good-byes with big hugs and “I love you”s. We each tried to be strong, knowing this was an adventure he has dreamed of do
ing. So, trying to be excited for him was the challenge. We let go, drove away, and began texting our final words of wisdom to our Indiana (son), knowing he would soon turn his phone off and board the plane for his long flight.

During our drive back to the Harbor, Caleb told us it was time to call Stephen and tell him to come back. Must be nice to be missed that quickly by your little brother.

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