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Do you remember the excitement you felt as a child when you got mail? Especially a package? This past month my youngest boys (Caleb and Nate-no) were sent a package and given the opportunity by MOM Central and Nintendo to test/review the new Nintendo DS game, Go Pets Vacation Island.
Yes, it’s true, I live in a house with two little gamers who were ecstatic to open up their mail and discover a new DS game to play. Of course, they ran through the house to grab their DS console to begin testing out the new Go Pets Vacation Island game. They enjoyed customizing their new pet and beginning the adventure of collecting food, pet accessories and more.

The game has been a hit in our house, and they still have so much more to discover about their new game.

This will be the perfect game to take along on our summer travels to keep my boys from saying, “Are we there yet?”

Some of the great features they are still discovering are:
– Building a buddy list and chatting with other kids
– Sending their pet to travel while they are not actually playing the game
– Chatting and playing with their online friends in party mode
– And more

Be sure to visit the new Go Pets web site for more details.

The Novotny kid testers (what they call themselves) review is definitely a thumbs up.

Trisha Novotny

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