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When my three oldest children were 4, 2 and baby, grocery shopping at 10:00pm was my MOM Time Out. I looked forward to these late night grocery shopping trips ALONE.

I would find myself leisurely strolling down each aisle KID-FREE, enjoying this hour of FREEDOM. No one hanging on me. No one whining they were thirsty, hungry or had to go potty. No one placing items in the cart that I had not intended to purchase. No one slipping items into their pockets without paying (Be honest this has happened to some of you as well!).

Now fast forward to TODAY – 5 kids with crazy activity schedules and BIG hearty appetites who eat me out of house and home on a daily basis. I no longer enjoy those 10:00pm leisurely MOM Time Outs to the grocery store. My grocery shopping is now a race in between those kid activities. I DREAM of having groceries arrive on my front porch on a weekly basis.

So today, I get this email that says “Get FREE Delivery, American Idol T-shirt, and more”. Nothing unusual except that its from my husband. So, I open it up and discover it is a forwarded email he has sent me from Safeway.

HMMM… Is he offering me this luxury of having my groceries delivered to my door? Or, is he implying I need to sign up so that we have groceries in our house on a weekly basis? Not sure how to take his forwarded email, but since I like to think he adores me 24/7, I will take the thought that he wants me to have the luxury of groceries being delivered to my door.

So the BIG question for you, my 24/7 MOM friends: Who has had their groceries delivered to their homes? What TIPS can you share with us about this luxury delivery service?

Comment and share your experiences with us.

Safeway has some great deals right now when you use the home delivery.

My favorite one is the FREE Ben & Jerry’s mini cup of ice cream.

Add one to your cart, then at checkout enter promotion code: MELTED

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Trisha,

    We used the Peapod service for a short time when it was here in town several years ago. They didn’t get enough business to sustain the service, but we really loved it. We never had a problem with the quality of the products. I did wish that they had more store brands available and the website was a bit slow to use. But that could have been due to my slow connection at the time rather than their website. If they were still here, I’d definitely consider using them again.

  2. I used waaaayyyy back when the twins were born 8 years ago. I didn’t care for it – I found it quicker and easier to cruise the grocery isles than the web isles. It may be more user friendly now though.

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