momAgenda to the Rescue

Doctor Appointments, Dance Lessons, Baseball Practice, Cheer Try-out, Dentist Appointment, Teacher Conference, Orthodontist Appointment, Sister’s Birthday, Girls Night Out, and the list goes on of the many activities and events we as moms have to keep track of.

Today I not only have a solution for you but I am also giving it away –
The momAgendahas become one of the hottest organizational items among moms.

WHY? Because momAgenda is for today’s mom – the mom who lives in a multi tasking world, the mom who has more to do than she can remember, the mom who wants to be organized simply, the mom who likes trendy styles and colors. The momAgenda has been designed for YOU.

The momAgenda comes in the latest colors: Lime, Chocolate and Fuchsia. Inside the momAgenda you will discover unique week-at-a-views with space for Mom and up to four kiddos. It also features monthly calendars, a place to organize parties, vacations, gifts and so much MORE.

So how do you get YOUR very own momAgenda?

2 ways –

1. check out the momAgenda web site and purchase yours TODAY.
2. Send an email to and enter to WIN an opportunity to review a momAgenda. Share what you, the mom, think about it, and you get to keep your momAgenda for FREE. ( Winners announced May5, 2008)
Join the momAgenda craze and get organized simply!

Trisha Novotny

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