The Race is on for Creative Easter Baskets

The race is on I have 5 days and 5 Easter baskets to fill with fun, creative and useable items.

Today as I began taking inventory of the items I have already collected for their baskets and making a list of things I needed to obtain this week, I began to wonder if other Moms were like me in desperate need of inspiration for fun and creative Easter basket ideas

Besides the Traditional chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and jelly beans what else can we as Moms place in our kids Easter baskets?

With that question in my mind I sat down and typed out my official “Creating FUN Easter basket list for Moms” to assist us this week and keep on hand for future years.

First decision will I use the traditional Easter basket that is used each year or choose a double use Easter basket – fun and useful after Easter is over ?

Double use Easter basket ideas

Baseball Cap
Dump Truck
Dress-up Hat – fireman; army; hard hat, etc.
Doll stroller
Shopping Cart
Pillow Cases
Sand Pails
Beach Bag
Sports Duffel Bag
Batters Bag
Flower Pot
Make-up Container
Decorated Paint can
Storage Containers
Back Pack
Fishing Tackle Box
Jewelry Box

Next decision will I create a smorgasbord basket filled with various items or choose a theme for their Easter baskets?

Optional theme Easter basket ideas

Action figures
Disney Characters
Teen Vogue
Super Hero

Next comes choosing the fun creative filler ideas. Which can be challenging with such the age range of children in my home – I’ve made two lists to assist us one for younger kids and one for the pre-teen/teenagers.

Kid Filler Ideas

Side walk chalk
Crayons, Markers, paints
Color books/ coloring pads
Squirt Guns
Swim Goggles
Blow-up rafts, swim toys
Polly pockets
Silly putty
Action Figures
Barbie and accessories
Cards/ small games
Jump rope
Tooth Brush/Paste
Flip Flops
Aqua Socks
Swim Suit
Hair bows, bands, ribbons

Pre-Teen / Teenager Filler Ideas

Hair products
Gift Cards – Starbucks; Jamba Juice; Mc Donald’s; Border and Books; iTunes
Shaving cream and razor
Flip flops
Sun glasses
Swim Suit
Beach towel
Nail Polish
Stationary/note cards
Movie Tickets
Sun/tanning lotion
Tooth brushes/paste

Helpful hints:

* Think of items you will most likely be buying them over the next few months for your Child/Teen such as Swim Suit, Flip Flops Sun glasses etc. These make great Easter Basket fillers

*What hobbies or interest does your child or teen have – Reading; Sports; Crafts; Gardening; Music; etc.
*My Favorite places to shop for Easter fillers are Dollar Tree; Dollar store; Wal-Mart; Target ; Michaels craft store; sale and clearance items

I hope these lists and thoughts have helped you in this weeks race to fill your children’s Easter baskets…Get Ready…. Get Set….. Go…..

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3 Responses

  1. Does a premade basket purchased at the last minute and slung at the door count? I am not sure the Easter bunny will get a ticket to Hawaii this year to deliver…we will see.

  2. I really needed this. I just started buying for my baskets yesterday…so I am in desperate need of filling my baskets this week!! By the way, Valerie, the Easter bunny does come to Hawaii…at least he did a few years ago!! 🙂 Have fun!

  3. I need to think of something creative to use for Noah’s basket. I amd using a bean bag chair (Hannah Montana of course) for Emma’s – LOL – I guess the Easter bunny will have to leave it on the front porch this year. Oh, and Val, I always make my kiddos baskets – but they LONG for the store bought ones!

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