On our way.

In 3 hours I will be flying high in the sky with my family on our way to Arizona, where it will be 75 to 85 degrees each day and NO rain, hail or snow.

I have spent the day packing, cleaning and organizing for our trip.

This picture of suitcases is how our pile of luggage looks when our family travels, we look as if we are moving to our vacation destination rather then just visiting for a week…I really do try to cut back and only pack the minimum but still it seems we end up with this HUGE pile of luggage and obviously more then we will need.

So if I go MIA you know I am sitting by the pool reading and relaxing with my family

Chat with you soon….Oh I almost forgot Due to my packing and busy life preparing for our trip you will need to check back in next week for the latest Let’s Make a Meal….in the meantime if you have a great meal recipe post a comment for us to enjoy.

Trisha Novotny

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