Friday Favorites

Welcome to FRIDAY FAVORITES – Just a few of my favorte things I found or experienced this week.

Favorite FREEbie Bug of the week
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Favorite Blog of the week

My Favorite blog this week is a brand NEW blog by Sheila Wray Gregoire To Love Honor and Vacuum . …and it’s already on my TOP 10 list of blogs that I check in on weekly to inspire me as a Wife and Mom..I enjoy her posts and writing style. Check out this New BLOG today.
Favorite FUN of the week

My favorite FUN of the week was a new Tradition in the Novotny home…..I purchased some fun plastic eggs and treats to go inside the eggs, and my two youngest and I filled the eggs and placed them in a Easter basket.

Once it was dark outside we headed to two of our neighbors homes, we then placed a sign on the door that said “Happy Easter You’ve been Egged” We left the basket of filled eggs on the doormat, rang the bell and ran like crazy so that we would not be seen. You remember the days of door bell ditch. Childhood memories in the making.

My kids loved the ENTIRE new tradition we began tonight

Favorite BOOK of the week

Mom’s Everything Book for Sons
By Becky Freeman

Last week in my Friday Favorites I told you about the “Mom’s Everything Book for Daughters” book being one of my top books for moms with Daughters, so this week I thought I’d share with you one of my TOP ten books for moms of sons.

“The Mom’s Everything Book for Sons”- Perfect for moms of sons pre-teen and younger. Another book I just could not put down, once again I earmarked and underlined so many great ideas for moms and sons. Full of great thoughts, advice and practical bonding ideas to use while raising our little men to be GREAT Men. A MUST read for every mom of sons.
Favorite WEB site of the week

My Favorite web site of the week is Focus on your child a web site full of resources for me as a MOM…What I love most is that I can actually go to this ONE web site and search for topics that relate to the various ages and stages of children I am in the midst of raising.

I also HIGHLY recommend the membership program they offer for $24.00 per year. my favorite benefit of the membership is the audio journals, they are CD’s full of great mini talks on raising kids, Marriage and so much more.

Today I was listening to an old audio journal on Mommy Guilt and WHY moms need support groups. I realized the HUGE need there is for an organization like 24/7 MOMS to be part of the mommy-hood journey thru all stages of mothering.

You can also find forums on this web site that you have the opportunity to share ideas and advice on different topics…This is a perfect tool to equip us a Moms.

Those were a few of my favorite things this week…Do You have some FAVORITES? Comment to us and share them with the 24/7 MOMS blog readers.

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  1. I LOVE your favorite fun of the week. I am going to try and put that together today to do with my kiddos. They will love that. So some of my favorites of the week are…we tried out two fun places this week. The Bouncy Place in Kent (Nate’s friend had a birthday party there). It was a lot of fun…I even got into the fun too (helping my little 21 month old). We also just joined the new Federal Way Community Center, and they have an awesome leisure pool with slides, lazy river, little kids play area…my kids had a blast. My favorite book that I am reading right now is Slow, Fat Triathlete (as that is my new venture for the summer…to do a triathlon…not to be slow and fat though…hence the main reason I joined the community center to have a place to swim with childcare). Anyway that book is hilarious and the author makes anyone feel like they can accomplish a triathlon.

    So just a few of my “favorites” from my week! Hope you all have a very blessed Easter…Missy

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