Friday Favorites

It has been a GREAT week of MOM Favorites…..I have 5 FUN ones to share with you.

Why not tell your MOM freinds about so they can be in the MOM KNOW of our favorites.

My Favorite Bargain of the weekMy two youngest Caleb and Nate are still Big veggie tale fans so when I came across this bargain I was thrilled…. This week at they are offering $10.00 off any DVD purchase by using code WIZ.

I ordered Veggie Tales “The Wonderful World of Auto-tainment” for my boys. I think it was the only one we actually don’t own. My total cost was $3.63 for the shipping..

What a bargain FREE Veggie Tale DVD and all I had to pay was the shipping use Code WIZ

My Favorite Book of the week

Mom’s Everything Book for Daughters
By Becky Freeman

Do you have a Daughter? “Mom’s Everything Book for Daughters” is definitely one of my top 10 recommend books for moms with pre-teen daughters. Chalk Full of practical bonding ideas to cultivate the mother daughter relationship as you head into those Teenage years…fun activities, recommended reading for your daughters, awesome conversation starters.

It completely captured my attention I could hardly put it down, I earmarked and underlined all the creative ideas and thoughts as I read through it especially the highlighted sections called “Just for Fun” , “Rave Reviews” and “God, Mom and Me”… Moms of Daughters this is a MUST read… grab your copy today. Available at Amazon.

Mom’s Everything Book for Daughters
by Becky Freeman by Zondervan
List Price: $12.99
Our Price: $7.40
Buy Now

My Favorite WEB site of the week

My favorite web site of the week is I signed up to receive daily updates informing me of the great FREE stuff I can get as a MOM.

This week my favorite Freebie from was the Celebration charm from lean cusine. You too can get a free charm by going to

Don’t forget to check out my favorite web site and sign up for daily updates. One more way to Live in a Nordstrom world on a Wal-Mart budget.

The following comes from Heather at Freebies 4 Mom

Get a free Celebration Charm from Lean Cuisine. Lean Cuisine wants to help you celebrate your daily good-for-you moments. You will need to create a Lean Cuisine account on their website, but it is easy to do. You should be receiving your charm in 4 to 6 weeks. Of course with all offers this one is while supplies last, the offer ends April 13, 2008.

My Favorite Blog of the week

I love this Blog – I try to check in daily and see what new creative posts are there to read….It is full of ideas, mom thoughts and just plain good stuff to read.
Do you have a Favorite blog? Leave a comment and share it with us.

My Favorite CELEBRATION of the week

Celebrating my Daughter Shelby’s 17th Birthday was my Favorite celebration this week. I still can not believe my little princess is 17 … she says she has now gone from the little princess to Queen.

We began our day of celebrating by discovering that while she was sleeping the Birthday Fairy had come and left her a package holding a new outfit for her to wear to school, next we had our family breakfast with our tradition of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon along with smoothies. Before the morning was over yet another discovery this time out on our front porch, her girlfriends had stopped by and left a brownie pizza with balloons…very special to our Birthday QUEEN.

It is tradition for the Birthday child to choose their birthday dinner, Shelby choose a night out to Panera Bread. This decision made her entire family happy as it is one of our favorite places to eat. After dinner it was back home to see what FUN new things were in those wrapped packages all for the QUEEN.

The Celebration has not ended yet…Tomorrow night (Saturday) Shelby will be celebrating with her friends by going out to dinner then back home for a yummy chocolate fondue (a girl after my own heart) and end the night with a chick flick. It is official the Princess became Queen at 17.

Birthdays are FUN especially when you get a FREEBIE on them. Sign-up for a FREE scoop of ice cream on your Birthday at today at

What was your FAVORITE this week?
Leave us a comment and share your favorite this week

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4 Responses

  1. I cna’t believe Shelby is 17 either! I was thinking about that on Wed. Her saying she is now the Queen Totally sounds like Shelby LOL

  2. My time sure flies! 🙂 Great tip on the Veggie Tales. Just the other day Noah came home and said “mom, I’m starting to like Veggie Tales again”.

  3. Thanks for the compliments on my blog : )
    My favorites this week:
    1. Finding the devotional on Proverbs 31 site where I can have one sent to my email daily…really good.
    2. The yummy FREE chocolate chex mix that came to my home thanks to this site…but I won’t be buying it because it was TOO GOOD.
    3. My lunches and dinner with friends this week with deep, rich time of sharing
    4. Answer to prayer in a reduction to my friend’s babies seizures
    Ok, dont want to take up all the room so I will stop : )

  4. WOW!! Happy 17th Birthday, Shelby!! Thanks for the great Veggie Tales tip, I too, will be checking that one out!! No girls in this household (except me!), but will be checking out the MOM’s Everything Book for SONS…since I have 3 of them!!

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