The MUST Know Costco Hacks that Save You Money

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Costco has endless amount of items in bulk. If you are a member of Costco, you probably spend your money on some of the household items you can buy in bulk there. You might your weekly stop to Costco just to get your hands on tasting some of the free food samples there helping you decide what is for dinner that week at home.

But did you know Costco has some of the best deals hidden throughout their store?

It’s time to teach you how to decode the price tags.

Here are the must know hacks you need to know before taking your next trip to Costco to save you some money.

1. You can shop at Costco without a membership

You might have thought you needed to pay a fee to shop at Costco, but you don’t! Just get a friend or family member who has a membership at Costco to get you a Costco cash card. You can then shop at any Costco locations or online.

2. The deals are within the aisles

The real deals within Costco are hidden right down in the aisles and around the edges of the warehouse. Usually regularly priced items will be on the end.

3. Forget the coupons

All discounts are automatically applied, so don’t clutter your wallet with them.

4. Decoding the tags

Prices that end in 9 cents means the product is priced by the manufacturer.

A price ending in .97 means it has been marked down.

An asterisk on the right top side of the price sign means the product is seasonal. It might not be there next time you return to Costco.

Any price ending in .99 means it is a regular price.

Prices ending in .00 or .88 means the store wants to clear out the inventory.

Costco normally lists the price per unit on their signs and even sometimes your local grocery store might be offering a better price that week. The PPU will help you figure this out.

5. Ask for an adjustment if the price drops

If you bought something from Costco and you see the price has dropped, you can get an adjustment. Bring in the receipt to get back the difference. This is valid up to a month after the purchase.

6. Get a discounted membership

Before getting a membership at Costco, check out deal sites. Sometimes Groupon and LivingSocial offer deals on Costco membership. This is definitely a double deal you don’t want to miss!

7. Two-year warranties on your tech items and tech support

Costco offers two-year warranties on their tech items.

Members even get free tech support on bought items, such as televisions, cameras, computers.

8. Get seconds on samples

You aren’t limited on samples when you go to Costco. In fact, they encourage vendors to give out unlimited samples!

9. Free health screening

Members at Costco can get a free health screening. This screening involves heart, diabetes, osteoporosis, and lungs.

10. Bring your own bags

Costco uses boxes instead of bags when carrying out the items. It’s a good idea to bring your own bags since the boxes can be hard to carry or load in the shopping cart.

11. You can return your membership

If you aren’t happy with your membership, Costco will give you your money back any time.

12. Get to know the layout of the store

Costco is pretty big so make yourself familiar with the layout. The deli and bakeries are located in the back usually. The middle you can find snacks, clothes, books, media, and seasonal items. The front of the store usually has non-food and some food.

13. Book a vacation through Costco

There are great vacation deals through Costco. You can get discounted prices on flights, car rentals, hotel, and package deals. Take a look online at their travel site.

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