Tips for Celebrating the Best First Birthday

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It’s hard to believe your little baby is almost one-year-old. From picking the perfect theme to making a cake (that he or she will likely be covered in by the end of the day), there are plenty of things you can do for the first birthday. If you aren’t into planning a big party for the neighborhood, you can always throw something small together with family and friends. How much you plan to do is up to you!

Check out these tips to celebrate the best first birthday of your little one.

Keep it short

The birthday party or event doesn’t have to be a long one. If you are inviting younger children over than plan on keeping the party short. An hour or two will be plenty of fun.

Serve a special birthday cake

You can make or buy a creative cake. If there is a theme to the party plan on getting something to go with the theme.

Take pictures before the party

Before the guests arrive take pictures of the birthday event. Make sure to take pictures of the cake and the special birthday boy or girl in their outfit.

Give your little one some downtime if needed

Your baby might need some downtime during the party. Perhaps plan on having the party or event planned around the time in between their napping or feeding time if possible.

Don’t overload yourself

If you plan on making it a fun celebration, do yourself a favor and don’t overload yourself. Instead of making everything plan on buying items, such as the cake or deli sandwiches.

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