Innovative Rural Home-Based Business – Big Farming on Small Plots of Land

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While there is much to be said for living in a big city where everything is right at hand, there is equally much to recommend country living if you like the peace and quiet only nature can offer. Some families dream of owning a home in the country and while they don’t have the financial ability to purchase large plots of land, it is possible to farm big crops even on small plots of land if you learn a few tricks from professional growers.

Why Would Mom Want a Big Garden Anyway?

Of all the things many families sacrifice, a mom’s job is often at the top of the list. It isn’t always easy to find work in a rural setting and so many moms have started home-based businesses for just this reason. Have you considered turning your passion for gardening into a lucrative home-based business? Whether you choose to grow food crops or flowers and greenery, it can be done on a large enough scale if you have the right tools while also using a customer acquisition strategy.

When Moms Should Consider Greenhouse Growing

There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in a greenhouse, but of the highest importance, if there are small children in the house, is the proximity to areas where the kids are at play. Even if you have several acres you could plant CBD flower and sell them on Organic CBD Nugs, that would take you out of the home and away from safe areas for the kids to play safely while you are working with your plants. As long as your greenhouse is made out of Pro-Tect Plastics and it is located in a spot where it can get the direct rays from the midday sun, you will have no difficulty planting any type of plant and growing it to maturity.

The Type of Greenhouse Matters in Many Cases

You may not be familiar with the wide variety of greenhouses on the market today, but there is a tremendous structural difference in most cases. If you are going to grow a flowering crop that is dependent upon a certain light to dark ratio, you would need to invest in an efficient auto blackout greenhouse. Some flowering plants require 12/12 ratios before they will go into bloom and that is why an auto blackout greenhouse is preferred.

Unless summer days are cut to 12 hours (or less!) of sunlight, your plants will not begin to flower. Believe it or not, many moms make a very good living selling flowers to florist companies around the country and this is something you can do from home without the need to be far from your kids at home or at school.

Have You Considered Hydroponics?

Once you have a greenhouse in place, there is much to be said for hydroponic farming. Have you ever thought of a vertical indoor hydroponics garden system? Some farmers raise the most amazingly delicious crops like tomatoes and peppers in a hydroponic system and with the right organic nutrients some use Straw bales for sale, they will grow bigger and better even than those planted in soil. The hydro setup will take some doing to ease draining and cleaning the tanks regularly, but once that is installed, you are literally in business!

Another Benefit of Greenhouse Growing

One of the biggest concerns among many farmers in the 21st Century is cross-pollination from GMO crops. It’s easier to control when growing in a greenhouse if you have neighboring farms growing any of the crops you intend to raise. While GMO is a huge concern for organic food crops like tomatoes and green peppers, other crops are subject to pollination from nearby crops, which could be disastrous for the entire crop. In particular, and in states where growing commercial cannabis is legal, pollination could wipe out an entire crop if it goes to seed. However, this is specific to that crop.

Greenhouses Make It Possible to Farm Every Month of the Year

Finally, if you are going to launch a home-based farming business, the one thing you will want to seriously consider is the ultimate benefit of investing in a greenhouse. It is easy to grow a money crop in the summer, but what about those long, cold winter months without an income? Most suitable greenhouses can easily be climate controlled so that you can keep them warm on cold winter nights and warm enough during daylight hours from direct rays from the sun.

If you have a passion for gardening and have recently moved to a rural location, you just might want to start a lucrative home-based business venture. Greenhouse gardening is an ideal way to earn an extra income and feed your family healthy foods while staying at home where your heart will always be.

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