Simple 5 Ingredient Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki

Image found on Pinterest with no link
Image found on Pinterest with no link

If you are a crock pot cooking mom then you will love this simple 5 ingredient crock pot chicken teriyaki recipe we found on Pinterest.


1lb chicken (sliced, cubed or however)

1c chicken broth

1/2c Teriyaki or soy sauce ( with or without sesame seeds)

1/3c brown sugar

3 minced garlic cloves

Corn Starch


There were no actual directions posted with this on Pinterst so my guess is.  Place chicken in bottom of crock pot then in separate bowl whisk together remaining 4 ingredients then pour onto chicken in crock pot.

Cook on high  for 4 to 6 hours  or low 6 to 8 hours.

If sauce is runny follow this tip from one of our moms who tried out this recipe:  Mix 2 tbs of cornstarch with 2 tbs water and pour it into the sauce.

Serve over rice.


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36 Responses

  1. Not sure what happened? Cut chicken breasts into chunks. On hi for 3 hrs. Chicken looks like I shredded it. Used soya sauce instead of teriayaki. Doesn’t look anything like the picture!

    1. I cut the chicken breast into strips but you are right it doesn’t look like the pic however you cut them. Since yours look like shredded chicken I would have put in on Hawaiian rolls.

  2. Mine doesn’t look anything like the picture either. Mine looks like chicken in a pool of brown sauce. The sauce didn’t thicken at all. I’m guessing it will still taste good, with the sauce added to the white rice, but still. I’m disappointed.

  3. Just had to add about 2 Tsp of corn starch and cook it over high heat for about 3-5 minutes. Thickened it right up. (Thanks for the tip, Dawn!) Served over white rice. Yum!

    1. Hi did you heat up the corn starch before you added it the crockpot for 6-8 hours? or after everything has been cooked?

  4. Got home and it looked like soup!!!!!!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t want to have to do an extra step!!!!!!!!

    DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    1. Oh no!!! You can’t take 2 minutes to add cornstarch to a recipe? One extra step while you’re setting the table would change this from soup to a teriyaki sauce easily. Most of the crockpot recipes that should give you a thick sauce at the end will require some sort of thickener like cornstarch. Mix 2 tbs of cornstarch with 2 tbs water and pour it into the sauce. Set your table or make your rice, and it will turn out fine.

  5. I made this last night and it was AWESOME!! I did thicken the sauce in a separate pan by making a roux with 2 Tblsp of butter and 2tblsp(ish) of cornstarch then added 2 cups of the cooking liquid and stirred itover med-high heat with a whisk until thick, maybe 4 or five minutes! It really was really great. I also added a bag of cooked steamfresh broccoli to it and served it over brown rice. Please don’t give up on this delicious recipe because it will take you five more minutes to make it spectacular! Well done ladies! will serve it up again!!!

  6. I think 4-6 hours to cook chicken is way too much time! I will try this recipe…but for sure not cooking for this long!

    1. Thats why its a crock pot recipe….. You put it on and leave it alone for a few hours. Go out and do something and then you come home and dinner’s practically ready. All you have to do is cook rice for 20 minutes

  7. I think 4 – 6 hours is too long also. Cut the cooking time. Also add some citrus juice, any kind, in place of the chicken broth, to brighten the flavor!

  8. After i cut the chicken up i browned it for just a few seconds on my stovetop grill pan before putting it in the crock pot to give it a little extra flavor and some grill marks! Delish!

  9. Mine turned out like soup as well and looked nothing like the photo. Sure you can thicken the sauce on the stove by adding some cornstarch but I would rather just find a recipe where I don’t have to add the extra step. Tried the recipe but was not a fan at all.

  10. I think she probably sauteed the chicken strips first in a pan; otherwise chicken just falls to shreds in a crockpot. I am going to try this, but saute the slices first to try to keep them together.

  11. If you mix 2 Tb cornstarch with 2 Tb water it will thicken any sauce BUT the sauce must come to a boil or very high heat to thicken and shine. All you have to do is mix these two then about 4 Tb sauce/gravy and microwave it if you don’t want to do it on the stove, Then mix in with the other still in the crockpot. It isn’t that big of a deal.

  12. My personal take on this would be that the cornstarch dredged the chicken first, then fried stovetop with a little oil or butter (or both) in a pan to form a nice crust. After that, place everything in crockpot and then cook as directed! With Chinese cooking, for those crispy chicken pieces, one usually tosses meat with cornstarch or even egg whites first to get that restaurant-like crunch. Personal opinion on this, of course! 🙂

  13. I made this yesterday. It was awesome!! I did the regular amount of teriyaki sauce, then added 1/4 cup of soy sauce. Cooked on high for about 2 hours, then low for another hour. Was perfect. I also added some corn starch to the sauce when I first made it. Thickened it a bit, but added corn starch/water mixture at the end. If you add it right away you only have to mix it in, not bring it to a boil. It thickens instantly. Was a hit with the kids as well.

  14. I cut the chicken into cubes and did the cornstarch step which thickened the sauce nicely. We found the chicken itself to be bland and rubbery. This recipe may not be a repeat.

  15. I skipped the crock completely. Browned chicken in little olive oil. Tripled sauce recipe and added cornstarch, simmered for about 45 minutes. The family ate it so fast they were done before I sat down.

  16. I’m sure using teriyaki glaze instead of teriyaki sauce would make it thicker to begin with and you wouldn’t have to do all the “extra” work with the cornstarch.

  17. sounds great. I am going to just dump a package of frozen chicken tenders in the crockpot and go from there. Probably have to cook a little longer. Maxine

  18. I cooked this for 3 hours on high, then added the corn starch, and cooked it for 30 minutes more (on high). I used the teriyaki sauce, and I also added two teaspoons of sesame seeds when it was done. It turned out GREAT, everyone loved it, and anyone could make it:)

  19. I made this tonight and instead of using the crockpot, just did this all on the stove top. I dredged the cut up pieces of chicken in corn starch and browned it in a little oil. Then, I mixed all the other ingredients and poured it over the chicken and simmered uncovered for about 45 min and stirred quite a bit, thicken right up! Like a few others, I also doubled the sauce part and served it over rice. It was pretty good

  20. 6 hours on high heat would be WAY TO LONG. 4 hours on high or 6 hours on low.I also recommend, when the teriyaki is done, parting the chicken from the liquid by pouring all the liquids in a sauce pan, adding 1tbspn of corn starch and cooking the sauce until thicken. Once thicken pour the sauce back into the crockpot with the chicken.

  21. I made this on the stove top in about 30 min. I browned the chicken, browned it in a pan. 1/2 way through I added a little of the sauce to saute with the chicken while it finished cooking. Then once chicken was cooked I added the rest of the sause. I did thicken it with flour only because I was out of corn starch. Served over rice with steamed carrots that I added a little brown sugar and soy sauce. Agave or honey would have been good instead of brown sugar. My family loved it. For sure going on the menu rotation.

  22. After thickening the sauce, I add a handfull of cashews and 1Tbs. of sesame seeds. This adds crunchiness and some different textures. I add this near the end, and only when I think the sauce is thickened to taste

  23. VERY disappointing. I like a much thicker sauc, this one was like soup. I used cornstarch to thicken it up, which was no big deal but the real bummer was that it was tasteless. I thought the idea of a crockpot was to have a ready to eat meal after cooking, not one that you have to reinvent.

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