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Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers by Kate Hopper

Use Your Words is the first book to focus on the craft of writing using motherhood as the lens. Unlike other writing guides for mother writers that focus on journaling or how to fit writing into a busy life, USE YOUR WORDS is a writing workshop between covers. Each chapter contains a lecture, a published essay by a contributing writer, and exercises that will serve as jumping-off points for the readers’ own writing.

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The iconic Popsicle® brand is a longtime family favorite. This summer, Popsicle® is introducing two delicious new combinations, including a candy partnership and an unexpected twist – Yosicle™ – that combines a Popsicle® pop and yogurt! The Yosicle™ line, features four yummy varieties: Yosicle™ Torpedo!™ | This new variety features three flavors in each low-fat pop: Purple Berry, Watermelon and Vanilla; Yosicle™ Layerz!™ | This new variety features two flavors in each low-fat pop: Cotton Candy & Vanilla and Orange & Vanilla flavored pops; Yosicle™ Duos!™ Watermelon-Vanilla and Cotton Candy-Vanilla | This new variety features vanilla-flavored pops coated with watermelon and cotton candy flavored ice; Yosicle™ Duos!™ Purple Berry-Vanilla and Cherry-Vanilla | This new variety features vanilla-flavored pops coated with purple berry and cherry flavored ice.

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InvigorateNow is an all-natural, comprehensive herbal and vitamin supplement. It is chiefly an anti-inflammatory agent with supporting emphases on proper mind-body function. It also improves alertness, increases energy and supports liver and digestive health by focusing on detoxifying the body and helping remove harmful toxins. Made exclusively in the United States, InvigorateNOW is 100% vegetarian and entirely gluten-free. .

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Ouidad, also known as the “Queen of Curl“, has built her worldwide following by solving the challenges unique to curly and textured hair. Ouidad knows that frizz is not just a summer hair issue, but a year long battle. Formulated with extended release anti frizz technology, this new formula is infused with humidity resistant actives to coat the hair, helping to repel frizz and tame hard to control flyaways. Dry fruit oils – olive, avocado, and grape – leave a non greasy, lustrous finish on hair. Offered in a portable size bottle, the NEW Climate Control Frizz & Flyaway Fighter is convenient to take with you so you can find yourself frizz free no matter where your travels take you.

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Slideez, is the innovative parent/child and teacher/student reward system that is Fun, Easy to use, and grounded in positive reinforcement theory and techniques that have been tested and proven for decades. Slideez brings fun, convenience and portability to the age old star reward chart. The Slideez starter kit consists of two bracelets and a set of five uniquely engineered removable charms.  When initiating the Slideez Reward System, the parent begins by wearing all of the charms on their bracelet. Each time their child reaches a milestone, whether it would be completing chores, or a first swim lesson, the child is rewarded with a slideez charm to recognize their efforts. These charms can later be exchanged for positive rewards.

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Lay-n-Go Cosmo

The Lay-n-Go COSMO is a new cosmetic bag that allows for quick and effortless access and clean-up.  This smart luxe gift is a 4-in-1 solution for mom’s cosmetics: clean surface, quick cleanup, carryall, and storage. Unlike others on the market, moms don’t have to dump out items to find what they’re looking for… just open the COSMO to see make-up spread out and ready to use. The specially designed “lip” around the bag keeps items from rolling off the counter.  When finished, pull the drawstring and the 18” flat surface is converted into a completely sealed off clutch.  Plus, there is an added pocket inside for discrete jewelry storage.

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