Top 10 Things You Can Do With a Pool Noodle!

By Leslie Pleasants

Did you know that Pool Noodles can be used for more the just in a pool?  Yes,  there is so many different things you can do with these odd looking things.  I bet if you start thinking about it you could possibly come up with something on your own too.  You can buy Pool Noodles just about everywhere.  I like to buy mine at the Dollar Tree because well, they are only a dollar.  Can’t beat that price!

Check out what you can do with them!


Pool Noodle Flower Garland Decoration


With the serrated knife, cut through the pool noodle, making slices about 2″ thick. Repeat for each noodle. The more colors you have, the merrier.  Taking fishing line to thread through and small beads to hold them into place.  You will have a very cute garland!   Click HERE for full instructions.



Patriotic Summer Pool Noodle Wreath



How about making a wreath using of course a noodle, old jeans, ribbon, duck tape, glue gun and anything else you want to add!  Super easy and no need to cut the noodle… perfect length!  Click HERE for instructions.





Super Pool Noodle Sprinkler



Shoving the hose in one end and using nails to make holes in the noodle.  Then seal off the other end with wadded up plastic bag and duct tape.  Get creative by adding more then one!  Click HERE for full instructions.





Kicking it Croquet Style




Cut pool noodles in half down the middle  and each pool noodle is enough to make up two arches. Use garden stakes to keep them in place on the lawn. Gather up a few kick balls and kick the ball through the course croquet style! First one to get their ball to the finish wins!!  or just let the kids use their imagination on what to do with them… crawl under, etc…   Click HERE for full instructions.


Backyard Big Kids Games




How about a large game where you through objects into rings!  Colorful, big and off the ground!  Will be a big hit!!  Click HERE for full instructions.







Pool Noodle Headboard



Make a fun headboard for your child’s bed using pool noodles in complementary colors. The project requires a foam sheet as a backing for the noodles, and a hot glue gun to attach them.  Click HERE for full instructions.




Light Saber Swords



Every little boy (and most girls) enjoy acting out their super hero character and playing around with swords and light sabers.  However, if you bought them at a store they can be so expensive and most of them can really hurt someone… hard plastic.  Make them with a Pool Noodle and less damage done.  🙂  Click HERE for instructions.






Pool Noodle Shopping Cart Safety Cover


Genius!  I wish I would’ve thought of this or used this when I had babies.  What a great idea.  You can sanitize the heck out of the carts but not only am I worried that there is not enough sanitizer in the wipes but the little ones always bumping their little mouths on the handles… then when they started getting teeth.  Yikes!  Click HERE for full instructions… super easy!




Pool Noodle Race Track




Easy rainy day activity for inside or to give the kids an activity outside.  Make them a race track out of a noodle! You can also get creative and instead of using cars you can use marbles, rocks, balls, etc…  Click HERE for full instructions.







Pool Noodles Flash Cards

You still should keep those little minds working during the summer but make it fun!  You can use numbers or letters.  If you have a pool, even if its a little wading pool fill these in the pool.  Or throw them out in the grass under a sprinkler.  Make sure you use a magic marker.  Ask the children to look for a letter.  Maybe whats the first letter of the word “cat”.   Or if you are doing numbers, what is 2+4.   If you have older child then you could really get some math time in with them… make their brains really work!  Then they are to find the correct answer.  All you have to do is take a noodle and cut 2″ slices and that is it!  Super easy!





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  1. Really love that race track idea. I’m not sure that cars would roll down it very well, but something like marbles would work perfectly. Combine a bunch of noodles like that and you’d have yourself a pretty epic marble track.

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