Organize Your Prayer Time {Free Printable Prayer Cards}

We organize our closets, our weekly meal planning, our children’s toys and even some of us have perfectly organized photo albums but are we organized when it comes to our daily prayer life?

What happens when you get a phone call, email,  or even a  Facebook request to pray for someone? do you  A) quickly  send up a prayer B) add it your your organized prayer journal or list C) hope to remember it the next time you are in prayer D) forget about it ( not on purpose of course).

Do you feel your prayer times are in need of a make-over?  you often pray for the same things, use the same words, forget to pray for those you intended to?

Some days weeks and years I feel so on top of my prayer life and other days, weeks and years I feel so out of control – I’ve used journals , 3×5 cards and other resources to keep organized until life gets out of control for a season then I’m in need of another makeover or a fresh start.  Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed in your mom life, unorganized in your prayer life, maybe even feeling guilty for not being that faithful prayer warrior you once were or even have hoped to be.

STOP right where you are and  realize that our relationship with God is not based on rules but it is based on a relationship and he knows exactly what has been going on in our lives, he knows exactly how we each are feeling today about every situation in our lives and he desires to help us make-over our prayer lives to be in conversation with him on a regular basis.

Are you like me and ready for a Prayer makeover?  let’s do it together and begin today on a new journey

The first step: we need to begin is when we will we set aside a time of daily prayer?  morning – before kids wake up, during our children’s nap time,  during our work commute , before we go to sleep at night or possibly during our daily exercise . Find what works best for you.

The second step: Is to decide a prayer system.  Many use the word PRAY as a system to follow in helping them to focus on different areas during their prayer time.


Praise – “Thank you God for….”
Repent – “I’m sorry God for…”
Ask – Tell God what’s on your heart.
Yield – Take some time just to be quiet

The third step: We need  tools to help remind us of the specifics to pray for, others needs to be prayed for etc.  This might be a journal, 3X5 prayer cards, prayer binder, a white board filled with prayer requests  or even the Organized prayer system I discovered created by Becky who blogs at Organizing Made Fun. She shared her system over on The Better Mom and even gives us FREE printables to use.

Becky’s Prayer cards offer 31 days of ideas  to pray for your husband and/or children.  Each day gives a new idea to pray about.

Click here for Becky’s prayer cards for Husbands

Click here for Becky’s prayer cards for Children

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2 Responses

  1. Another thing we taught our kids to do is use “JOY”
    Jesus- thank him for….
    Others- pray for those that are in need
    You- tell him what’s on your heart

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