Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: Do you want to have kids when you grow up?  Why or why not? Riddle: Q: Which pet never needs a bath? A: A fish.

WIN – Tom Ford FT0391 Lena 05B Sunglasses


As one of America’s most successful designers today, Tom Ford has trail blazed the eyewear industry with sunglasses which reflect his provocative and innovative design mantra.  Luxurious, elegant and always classic, Tom Ford sunglasses are worn by high profile celebrities and refined fashionistas alike. We’d like to showcase our favorite glasses from his current sunglass […]

MOM Tip: How to Remove Nail Polish from Your Carpet


MOM Tip: Keep this idea in mind for the next time you paint your nails and you spill some nail polish on the carpet. To remove the nail polish from your carpet you will need the following items: -dish towel or paper towels -cup of cold water -hairspray -rubbing alcohol -small scrub brush (an old toothbrush […]

Free Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrapper Printable


Here is the perfect touch for that 4th of July celebration. Patriotic ice cream wrappers ~ just print, cut, and attach with double sided tape or glue to an ice cream cone. Click here to get this FREE Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrapper Printable from Martha Stewart.

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: What could our family do that would make the world a better place? Riddle: Q: What happens when a cat swallows a lemon? A: You get a sourpuss!

These Hacks Can Help You Sell Your House In No Time At All


Need to sell your home super quickly? It isn’t going to be easy, but it certainly is possible. There are some ways you can help your home fly off the market. Want to know how it’s done? Here are a few useful tips and tricks that you need to know. Credit   Increase The Property’s […]

The Biggest Myths About Birth Mothers, Quashed


At the moment, society places its praise on the work of adoptive parents, and rightly so. But as much as society loves adoptive parents, it hates birth mothers. There’s this idea that birth mothers just gave up on their kids or couldn’t be bothered. But this is just one of many myths about the women […]

WIN – Smart Breastfeeding Meter from Momsense

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Momsense, Inc. is a technology start-up dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mothers. In March 2016, the company launched its Smart Breastfeeding Meter, which is a groundbreaking wearable device and mobile application designed to measure the volume of breast milk consumed during nursing. It has three components: the Momsense app, earphones and a microphone embedded baby safe sensor. […]

Free Printable Party Hats for the 4th of July


How fun are these party hats? This could be a great activity for the children to make and decorate at your 4th of July party! Click here to get this FREE Printable Party Hats from Mr. Printables.

MOM Tip: Sock Sorting


MOM Tip: Make your laundry sock sorting time easier by purchasing each child their own brand/style/color of socks. This will help you to identify which socks belong to which child and make for quick sock matching.

2 Giveaways Ending Saturday at Midnight

Zenni-199x300 (1)

Glasses from Zenni Optical #ZenniStyle WIN: 24/7 Moms and Zenni Optical are giving away a gift card for one pair of glasses up to $150. Click here to enter now. Annie Chun’s Seaweed Crisps WIN: 24/7 Moms and Annie Chun’s are giving away 6 bags of Annie Chun’s Seaweed Crisps (two of each flavor) to 1 winner. […]

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: Is it ever ok to cheat, in academics, sports, business? Riddle: Q: What color is a happy cat? A: “Purr” ple!