October 30, 2014

MOM Tip: Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces


MOM Tip: Fun family activity to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Click here for this tip from Family Fresh Cooking.

Free Halloween Printables


Some last minute fun Halloween decorations. Just print and decorate! Click here to get these FREE Halloween Printables from Eclectically Vintage.

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: What’s your favorite memory of a picnic? Riddle: Q: What did one owl say to the other owl? A: Happy Owl-ween!

22 Non-Candy Alternatives For Halloween

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The Candy fest is about to begin or better known as Halloween Trick or Treating.  My childhood tradition  of going door to door in the cold saying those famous words “Trick or Treat” and hoping for one more piece of chocolate has been passed down to my children. I now walk the streets and wait […]

MOM Tip: Car Trash


MOM Tip: Use a plastic cereal container as a car trash container. Be sure to line it with a plastic bag for easy trash removal.

FREE Autumn Pop Art Printables


Change your decor with the season by printings our and framing these FREE Autumn pop art printables from Saved By Love Creations.  Each season she offers free printable to help decorate your home by easily switching out your wall art. Click here to download and print your FREE pop art printables.

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: If you could trade places with anyone for one week, who would you want to trade with and why? Riddle: Q: Why didn’t Dracula have any friends? A: He was a pain in the neck!

MOM Tip: Preserve Your Pumpkins


MOM Tip: Preserve your pumpkins for the entire season by applying  a coat of liquid floor cleaner with a damp cloth.  This does NOT preserve pierced or carved pumpkins.

Free Spooky Halloween Candle Wrapper Printables


If you want to create that spooky feeling this Halloween these flickering Halloween candle wrappers will help create that perfect spooky decoration. Click here to get your FREE Spooky Halloween Candle Wrappers printables from Mr. Printables.com.

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q:  If you could make any improvement how cars operate, what would it be? Riddle: Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument? A: The trombone.

Halloween In The Crock Pot Recipes

Get out your trusty Crock Pot and use it to Simplify your upcoming Halloween celebrations with these festive recipes such as Autumn sausage casserole, pizza soup, carmel apples, and many more from A Year Of Slow Cooking.  Click here for a list of Halloween Crock Pot recipes and full how to instructions from Year Of […]

How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser


My boys are Lego addicts, we have 1000′s of these tiny little pieces to prove their loyalty.  They also happen to enjoy candy so look what happens when you combine Legos and candy – you get a fun and simple to create Lego candy dispenser. We discovered this fun idea over on Frugal Fun 4 […]