August 30, 2014

Family Fun Night With Frito-Lay and @SkylandersGame #GoodFunForAll


We did  it! The Novotny clan headed off to our local Odyssey I for a night of fun games and pizza…of course we also brought along our Frito-Lay Variety Pack to snack on. Always a hit. The one thing I always do before we head for a family night of fun or dinning out experience is […]

MOM Tip: Meatloaf Trick


MOM Tip: Have you ever had a craving for meatloaf only to discover you are out of bread crumbs?  The next time you run out grab your cereal box of corn flakes and substitute crumbled cornflakes for your bread crumbs and still have perfect tasting meatloaf.

Free Emergency Kit Printables


As we begin to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall it is a great time to begin thinking about how prepared are we in case of an emergency. Do we have emergency kits in our homes and cars? Do we need to check them for expired items? Replace items? Have we included items in […]

3 Giveaways Ending Saturday at Midnight


Pirate’s Booty® and Marvel Assemble to Launch an Action-Packed Avengers Snack & WIN – Limited Edition Marvel Super Heroes Themed Pirate’s Booty WIN: Pirate’s Booty is giving away a case of Limited-Edition Marvel Super Heroes themed Pirate’s Booty (one case is 12 multipacks). Click here to enter.         Ottilie & Lulu Natural Skin Care for Back to School WIN: Ottilie […]

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q:  If you could wave a magic wand and stop one thing, what would you stop? Why? Riddle: Q: Where did the mother monster put her child when she was at work? A: At day-SCARE!

How To Keep Your Kitchen Pantry Organized

By Dena Pasis, Guide to personal organizing Empty Everything Out of Your Pantry: * Assess Each Item: Many items are bought out of impulse, and often we aren’t even aware of how much we acummalate. Therefore, ask yourself honestly: When is the last time I used this product? If you cannot remember, or know […]

MOM Tip: Soften Lemon & Limes


MOM Tip: If the lemon or limes are too hard to squeeze – place them in warm water for 5-10 minutes this will make it easier to squeeze out the juice in them.

Free Printable Lips & Mustache Photo Props


Print these photo props for your next party. Just put up a backdrop, prepare these photo props, grab your camera and you have an instant party! Click here to get this FREE Printable Lips & Mustache Photo Props from Living Locurto.

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: Would you rather be rich or famous? Riddle: Q: What do you get when you cross a snake and a pie? A: A pie-thon!

DIY Birthday Plate

  Make your Own Family Birthday Plate! By Leslie Pleasants Everyone has a birthday in your family so why not make it just a little bit more special with a tradition. Make a Birthday Plate that you bring out any time someone has a birthday. Whoever’s birthday it is that person gets to eat off of […]

8 Out Of The Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

We are back in school and back to packing school lunches;. After a week of ham sand wishes I ‘am counting the days  down until my youngest begins announcing to me that  he is really tired of taking the same thing in his lunch day after day. So before I hear those words I thought […]

MOM Tip: School Supply Organization

school supplies

MOM Tip: This is great for dorm rooms, offices, play rooms or anywhere your child does homework and artwork. Just use one of those over the door shoe organizers with clear pockets. Label each pocket and put in your supplies. Click here for this tip from Bowl of Lemons.