Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: What’s one of your hobbies? Riddle: Q: I cannot hear or even see, but sense light and sounds there may be. Sometimes I end up on the hook, or even deep into a book. What am I? A: A worm!

How To Find The Right Retirement Solution For Your Family

DE Landscape 08: Tiergarten Old Couple

image source   Growing older into the golden years is a challenge that will be faced by every family sooner or later. Retirement comes to us all and with it come challenges of how best to adapt. Naturally you and your parents want to enjoy every moment of the life you share together. You want […]

5 Steps To A Child-Friendly Garden


As parents, we always like to encourage our children to play outside. Sure, it’s easy to sit them in front of the TV and video games for some peace and quiet! But, playing outdoors is a much healthier activity. That’s where a family garden comes in very handy indeed. If you’re lucky enough to have […]

MOM Tip: DIY Chore Chart


MOM Tip: Here is a great article on introducing chores to the little ones in your family. Plus a do it yourself guide on how to make these adorable magnet chore charts. Click here for this tip from A Spotted Pony.

Free Decorative Valentine’s Banner


Love this modern and colorful Valentines banner. Easy to create yourself and decorate your home. Click here to get this FREE Decorative Valentine’s Banner from Paging Supermom!

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: Where would you go, who would you go with, and what would you do if you were given a 48 hour getaway? Riddle: Q: I have a tongue but cannot taste. I have a soul but cannot feel. What am I? A: A shoe!

Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper Roast


  You may or may not want to tell your kids that the secret ingredient to this delicious pot roast is a can of Dr. Pepper soda.  That’s right along with beef broth,  dry onion soup mix and  Worcestershire sauce this easy to assemble crock pot recipe will become a repeat meal in your home.  […]

MOM Tip: Doll Clothing Organization

American Girl doll clothing organization

MOM Tip: Put doll clothes in a shoe organizer. Shoe organizers also work well for storing Barbie dolls! Click here for this tip from Overstuffed.

Free Lego Valentine Printable


For all Lego fans – check out this cool Lego Movie Valentine. Perfect Valentine to use Lego shaped candies. Click here to get this FREE Lego Valentine Printable from Classy Clutter.

The Finest Hours in 3D – Movie Review

The Finest Hours

Based on the non-fiction book, The Finest Hours by Casey Sherman and Michael J. Tougias, filmmaker Craig Gillespie brings to the silver screen their incredible story. Sherman and Tougias’s description is a fine example explaining the strength of the human spirit and a hope unwavering. Co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Whitaker Entertainment, Gillespie directs […]

Ways the Government Can Help if You Are Struggling Financially

Families and individuals who are struggling financially may think that they are all alone and that they have nowhere to turn, but the truth is that there are actually many ways that the government can help you. Check out the information below to learn about a few of the ways that the government can assist […]

Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk ….to create conversation Q: When was the last time you really pushed yourself to your physical limits? Explain. Riddle: Q:  How do you share 34 apples among 33 people? A: Make Applesauce!