You’ve Been Booed – Begin The Tradition {Free Sign & Instructions}

Have you ever been BOO’d?

Each October my children begin  collaborating who they will Boo this year- sometime they choose families in our own neighborhood and some years they choose to head out into the community to Boo a family i another neighborhood in hopes of getting the tradition of booing started in that neighborhood.

Booing  is the  SIMPLE and FUN  approved game Door Bell Ditch game where you leave special treats for the family you choose to Boo.

Start your own fun neighborhood tradition this year of  Halloween Booing! Your kids will love leaving secret “Boo”  goodies on your neighbor’s doorstep that begin the fun tradition moving from house to house in your neighborhood.   It is fun to watch as eventually the whole neighborhood becomes Boo’d!



Here’s how it works:

1. Decide what goodies you will leave behind when you go Booing.   This can be anything from a batch of homemade cookies to a bag filled with treats  of candies and chocolates – anything you choose to leave will be a welcomed surprise.

2. Print out your Boo signs and instructions from The TomKat StudioClick here to go there now and download and print them out.

3. Secretly leave your  goodies with copies of the signs and directions on your neighbor’s doorstep so they know what the meaning of this game of door bell ditch is. Then Ring the doorbell and run to hide!

4. It’s now up to your neighbor to continue the Halloween Booing fun, and haunt the rest of the neighborhood.

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