Curtain Rod Stocking Holder

With seven stockings to hang each year there is not much room left on my mantel for decorating after I place our seven stockings holders along the mantel.  When I came across this picture on Pinterest I just knew i needed it to share it with the 24/7 MOMS who might be like me wishing they had more room on teir mantel for Christmas decorating

This is such a simple solution and easy to do.  All you need is two stocking holders and a curtain rod.


  1. says

    Love, Love, Love this!!

    I’ve got 7 stockings to hang as well and I HATE those sticky things on the wall. NOW.. I can do this, I’m totally excited about this idea. I’m doing it this weekend!

  2. Angela says

    I love it!! But…what if you don’t have a fireplace/mantle? We are a family of 7 and I don’t know where to hang our family’s stockings. We used to hang them on our chairs, but we had to buy a bench for the 3 oldest boys, so not everyone has a chair.

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