21 " Sweet Candy Sayings" For Valentines Day

Create FUN and SWEET Valentines with these sayings attached to various treats.

SUCKER – I can’t lick my problems without you

CHOCOLATE COINS – You’re my “Treasure” Valentine!

LIFESAVERS – Thanks for being my “Lifesaver” Valentine! Happy Valentines Day!!

Soda Pop – You are soda special

Gummy Bears- You’re ‘beary’ special to me.
Bubble Gum– I’m stuck on you.
Pop Rocks – You Rock Valentine
Crush Soda – I’ve got a crush on you
Starbucks gift card – I Love You a Latte

CONVERSATION HEARTS – Hey Valentine, I want to have a “chat” with you! Will you be my Valentine?

100,00 Bar – You’re worth a 100 grand to me
Skor – You Skor #1 with me Valentine
U-No – U-no I love you
M&M’s – We are raising “Mighty” & “marvelous” Children

Purse – Happy valentines day to someone with a cute Purse-sonality

Orange Slices- No matter how you slice it, I love you.

Mints- I ‘mint’ to tell you sooner, you’re wonderful.

EXTRA GUM – You go the “Extra” mile with me Valentine! Happy Valentines Day!

Sweedish fish – It’s O-FISH-Al you’re the best kid ever
Snicker– I hope you don’t ‘snicker, I’m crazy about you.

Toootsie Roll – Hey Tootsie will you be my Valentine?

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